Know Your Code

Utilizing web standard compliant code will determine whether search engines love you or ignore you.

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Getting Crawled

The best way to get the search engines looking at your site is to keep the code that your site is built with clean and accessible. Sloppy code will prevent search engine crawlers from getting to the good stuff on your page - the content.

Along Came a Spider

Spiders are web crawlers, automated programs that browse the internet. Spiders are used by search engines to make sure they have the most up-to-date information. Search Engine Optimization takes into account the way spiders work and uses the best web language to help the spiders crawl your site. You want the spiders to find your content, but sites with excessive or out-of-date code prevent spiders from getting to the good stuff.

World Wide Web Consortium

The World Wide Web Consortium, W3C, is the main international standards organization for the world wide web. They set standards for the way code should be written.

Playing by the Rules

While there is no one who enforces that code be written according to standards, sites that are written with these standards in mind are able to be found better online. Alphabetix follows the guidelines of the W3C so that any site we create is optimized and incredibly web-friendly. We can create a clean site from scratch or clean-up someone else's mistakes.

Get Traffic Organically

Clean web code is the first step to having your site found organically. The right kind of code can get you the results you want.

Avoiding Pitfalls

There are lots of techniques that can get you temporary results, but they're not always on the up-and-up. Keyword stuffing and misusing meta-data can get you in trouble with the search engines. Make sure you hire the right kind of professional to code your site. Clean language makes all the difference.

Design and Code Working Together

A beautiful site is a terrible thing to waste. But, that's exactly what happens when a good looking site is poorly coded. The best sites are those that are aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and well-coded.

Keeping It Clean

Search engines don't care what a page looks like, but people do. Make sure that your site is appealing to spiders and humans. Clean design and clean code go hand-in-hand and are the perfect combination for an optimized site. The code will get people to your site, but the aesthetics and usability will keep them there.

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