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Portland Oregon is the Rose City. Stumptown. P-town. It is green, and we like it that way.

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Keep Oregon Weird

We love the Keep Oregon Weird campaign, and believe that Portland Oregon will continue to thrive if we as a community are committed to helping local businesses. Portland is the kind of place you want to live.

Every business in Portland ought to have a well conceived and well designed website. Don't settle for a simple template or something that looks like it was designed when Pong was popular.

Increased Visibility

The main benefit to having a website is that your website will be a portal to a diverse range of consumers, yearning to buy or use your product or service. A website is a very powerful and inexpensive marketing tool, and a great way to expand your business into other areas of the city, state, country, or world.

Valid Code

Valid web code goes through a process of validation, which is a process of checking your web documents against a formal standard, like those published by the W3C. A document that has been checked and passed is considered valid. Its not rocket science, but it may feel like it to an web design newbie.

W3C – The World Wide Web Consortium

Alphabetix thinks highly of writing valid markup code, that is why our web code validates when using the guidelines put forth by the W3C. This validation ensures that your website will function correctly in most internet browsers, including the more popular ones like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

Web Design. Only Better.

Alphabetix is a website design company offering a range of web design services tailored to the specific needs of small businesses.

We want your website to succeed, because frankly, your success is our success.

Comprehensive Solutions

A website will showcase your business image and brand, while conveying important information to your intended audience. That is why we offer a wide scope of web design solutions, including web design & development, hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), internet marketing, graphic design, and writing & editing services.

We Love Helping Local Businesses & Organizations

Being local, and supporting our local community is important to us. That is why we work hard for our local clients in the city of Portland Oregon.

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