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Email marketing is a great tool in your arsenal to get your message to potential customers.

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Making Contact

If you want to produce an email marketing campaign, you need an audience. Alphabetix can help you create the necessary forms to collect marketing data from potential customers.

Made By Design

Collecting the necessary contact data from potential customers requires the right forms, with the right look. Alphabetix can develop email marketing forms with a variety of fields so you can collect the best data to target your email marketing campaign to the right audience.

The Right Content

An email marketing campaign won't be successful if the content isn't right for the audience. Developing content that will drive people to your site and make them advocates of your business is an essential aspect of success.

Made to Order

Writing email marketing content that gets the right message across to your potential customers is our specialty. Let us help you get your message across in a professional, appealing, and attractive manner. Good content in emails can drive targeted traffic to your site and turn potential customers into advocates of your business.

It's All In The Branding

An email marketing campaign needs to reflect your current branding to reinforce your image to your customers.

The Right Fit

You have worked hard to build your business's image; let us help you translate that image to your newsletter. We can build templates that use your logo and branding so that when your customer receives an email from you, they recognize your business without reading a word.

Keep It Fresh

Great email marketing content is fresh and demonstrates variety. Most people don't want to receive emails that are a sales pitch. They want great content that offers them value.

Give Them What They Want

Writing a variety of content is essential to keeping your customers interested. We can help you develop a marketing strategy that gives your customer interesting tidbits and reinforces your image.

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