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If English isn't your first language, don't worry. Many people who speak English quite fluently find it difficult to write in English. Alphabetix can help!

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ESL / EFL Editing Services

ESL (English as a second language)/ EFL (English as a Foreign Language).

Editing Experience

Our experience editing for international EFL and ESL students and businesses helps our clients learn from their mistakes. Our editing and proofreading services will correct your documents for spelling, language usage, grammar, and other inconsistencies and rewrite when necessary, to ensure clarity and efficiency.

Writing Experience

We have extensive experience writing for international businesses, so that your message is not lost in translation. Our writing service will develop a draft to produce written copy that meets your requirements that is free of errors.

Track Changes

We can use either the track changes tool in Microsoft Word, or commenting tools in Adobe Acrobat. We will return your document with all editing corrections that easily identify any changes. This is a good option for learning what types of errors are common for you and how to avoid them.

Integrate Changes

If time is a crucial issue to your document, we can also return your document to you with the changes already incorporated, so it is submission, web, or print ready.

For Students

Alphabetix's editing service can clean up a document that is need of a native speaker's touch and help you get the grade you deserve.

Many smart ESL students cannot get their message across because they need assistance with writing in English. Alphabetix understands the unique needs of ESL speakers and can help you not only improve your document, but improve the way you write in English.

For Business

In a global market such as this, it is important to be able to communicate clearly what your business has to offer. Consumers will evaluate your business based on your written documents, whether they are web pages or mailers. You want your customer to have faith in your product or service and to trust that you are capable.

If the language in your documents contains misspellings or grammatical or usage errors, you may lose business. Alphabetix can help you edit already existing documents, or help you write documents that are free of errors. Let your customers judge you on your business practices, not typographical errors.

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