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WordPress Version 4.0


WordPress came out with their latest version today, which is casually dubbed as Benny named after jazz musician Benny Goodman. So without further ado, let’s note some cool features of WordPress 4.0. For Developers For us developers, there are... Read more »

Happy 4.04 Not Found Day

404 Day Not Found

Today is April 4th, or otherwise known as 4.04, which just happens to be the 404 HTTPS error status code for a missing page. We know what you’re thinking, that is a very geeky thing to celebrate, right? Maybe,... Read more »


WordPress 3.8

WordPress announced today their latest update of their fabulous open source content management system. Here at Alphabetix, we are strong advocates for WordPress, since... Read more »

Hashtag Cartoon


Ah, hashtags. We love you and your ability to clarify and classify.

Yes We're Open

Free and Open Web

This December, world governments are meeting to decide the fate of the internet. We’re with Google on this one: We support a free and... Read more »

Corporate Logos

Play Name That Logo

When consumers think about marketing and advertising, they think of advertisements, television and radio commercials, pictures in magazines and billboards. Seldom to consumers think... Read more »