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Color ToolsWe’ve been spending some time talking about websites and colors. Color holds a ton of meaning, even if you’re not aware of it, so choose wisely.

There are a ton of great tools that you can use to help you build color palettes for your website.

Kuler allows you to pick from already created themes. There are some gorgeous palettes on there and they are constantly updated and added to.


ColoRotate allows you to browse existing templates or create your own. There’s also a plugin you can use with Photoshop or AI.

Color Scheme Designer 3
Color Scheme Designer 3 allows you to select a color and then pick color palette styles, such as:

  • mono
  • complement
  • triad
  • tetrad
  • analogic
  • accented analogic

ColorExplorer has a number of options for generating palettes. One really cool way is by importing colors from a photo or other artwork. You can also generate palettes using different algorithms or view existing color libraries.

Check my colours
Check my colours allows you to check your background and foreground color combination to determine if they provide sufficient contrast.


Pictaculous lets you upload an image and base a palette of that image. You can even download an adobe swatch file of the palette that is generated.

ColourGrab, like Pictaculous lets you use an image to generate colors, but rather than uploading an image, you provide a URL.

ColorBlender is great for creating nice blended palettes. Using and RGB slider, you can create blend color libraries with a lovely aesthetic.

With so many tools, there’s often no need to reinvent the wheel. Use these tools to make your life easier and more aesthetically pleasing.

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Thank you so much for this great tip! I’m gonna try each one out and see which will suit me! Again, thank you!


It all depends on your style which one you choose. Some give you tons of control and others do a lot of the work for you!


Thank you for sharing the tips :)


Thank you for sharing this color tips. I would love to try the color explorer.


Thanks for sharing these tips ! I really appreciate it . Thanks !

Daniel Jackson

I believe Kuler will make choosing my color combinations so much easier. I’ve always had trouble looking at a room and wondering what colors would go well together. This is the answer to my prayers! Thanks!

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Thanx for sharing. Really helpful while choosing colors. I usually use Mac’s DigiColor meter but i does not provide hex values.

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