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Color PaletteWe’ve examined a number of ways to look at the relationship between websites and color. Once you understand the basics of font color choice and the psychology of color, picking a color palette can be a lot of fun.

Where to Begin

Often, people choose the color palette of their site based on their existing logos. One thing to keep in mind is that what looks good on a small logo on your business card may not translate well to a large website.

Remaining Neutral

A good color palette has a neutral base: white, beige, perhaps black, gray, or charcoal brown. This neutral doesn’t have to be the main color on your site, but it is important to properly feature other colors on your site.

Wheels Are Spinning

A great place to start is with one color that is a statement color. Then, you can pick colors that fit well with that color. You can go monochromatic with shades of the same color. You can use complementary colors, which are those opposite each other on the color wheel. You could choose triadic or tetradic colors on the wheel as well. A great place to generate color schemes is the Color Schemer.

Some of Our Favorites

Red and Aqua

Red and Aqua has a comforting feel, yet doesn’t feel too “safe” like a traditional blue website does. It’s fun, but not crazy.

Red and Aqua

Yellow and Gray

Yellow and gray has been hot in the design world for awhile and it looks pretty hot on a webpage too. It says modern and fun.

Gray and Yellow

Black and White

A classic, black and white can be modern, traditional, quirky, or conservative. It is great for showcasing a portfolio, as it doesn’t distract from the subject. No need to stick an image in here, I’m pretty sure you can figure out what we think a good example of black and white web design is.

There are tons of other great palettes we love, but these are just a taste.

What are some of your favorites?

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