Measuring the Value of Your Content


Web ContentIf you spend any time blogging, you will want to make sure that the content you are publishing is worthwhile for getting traffic to your site. There are a number of things that are important to measure.


You want to make sure that the content you’re writing is working for what you want it to work for. What keywords are people searching for that bring them to your site? What keywords do you think are important that aren’t connecting with your site? Write some content that uses those keywords.

Making Improvements
Make sure you are writing for the customer. Know your target audience and what they want to read about. Ask people who you consider to be your ideal client what type of information would be valuable to them. This should suggest to you what good keywords are for your site.


What kinds of websites are referring people to your content? Are new people linking to you? Consider how social media feeds into this as well. Who is retweeting your content and which content are they retweeting? Who is liking your posts on Facebook? These are all indications of the success of your content.

Making Improvements
If you’re interested in getting more sites and more varied sites linking to you, consider varying your content. Post all types of media, including videos and images, perhaps even music. Also, consider writing about different topics. Connect with other sites as well. If you interact with others, they may interact with you.

The Best Stuff

What content on your site is getting the most traffic? If you find that certain posts are getting you good results, replicate those types of posts. We don’t mean that you should verbatim copy your content, but rather, take what works, and find another angle. Don’t fix what’s not broken. Also, make sure you evaluate the popularity of posts of an extended period. Really solid content gets traffic long after its published.

Making Improvements
One great way to get people coming to your site that may not be your regular visitor is to write content that relates to popular culture. Pop culture pieces are a great way to connect to what’s interesting to people in the moment. Alternatively, if you are looking for content that has some serious stay power, consider writing pieces that will be relevant for a long time to come, such as top ten tips, or insider information.

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