How to Use Facebook Events


Facebook EventsHave you tried using Facebook Events for your business? It can be a great marketing tool to advertise special events or promotional sales.

Creating an Event

Creating an event is easy. Here’s how:
1. Log in to your Facebook account. If the event is for your business, remember to use Facebook as your business.
2. Click “Events” on the left-hand column of your home page.
3. On the Events page, click the “Create an Event” button on the top right-hand side.
4. Add the time, name of the event, and where it will be held.
5. Click the “Select Guests” button to invite specific individuals to the event.
6. Select your privacy settings, including “Anyone can view and RSVP (public event)” and “Show the guest list on the event page”.
7. Click the “Create Event” button.

Simple, right?

Adding Photos to the Event

People love pretty images to look at. So, after you have responded to an event, you can use the Publisher at the top of the event’s Wall to add photos. You can add photos to the event from photo albums you have created on Facebook, upload a photo from your computer, or take a photo with a webcam. You can also add videos and links just like you can on any other wall on Facebook.

If the event is public, the photos will be visible to everyone who views it. The photos posted on private events are only visible to other people who were invited. As an admin, you can remove any photos that invitees have posted.

How to Build Buzz

Once you’ve created an event, you should build buzz about the event to ensure its success. You can use status updates on your wall leading up to the event. Other people will share your posts too, which will help spread the word.

It’s also a great idea to link the event with other people who will be attending, hosting, or be a special guest. You can even link to the people who will be catering the event or providing the entertainment. Using the @ symbol to link to those other people will get you in front of all their followers eyes as well.

If you use other forms of social media, like Twitter or Google Buzz, link to the event there as well. It’s all about getting the word out.

Have you used Facebook Events to promote your business? How did it go?

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This is a great! I think all businesses should try to utilize the Facebook events to gain exposure and build brand awareness.


Thanks for this informative post! I would have never thought about creating a buzz for the event. It’s a pretty simple and obvious thing to do but somehow it just escaped my mind. The last time I tried something like this, I didn’t get too much feedback..maybe it’s because I forgot such a simple thing as advertising it well!

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