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Green Grass Keyboard

So having a server crash right before the holidays is not the ideal way to end a very successful and productive year for our firm, though it has afforded us an opportunity to stay close to our value of being as green as possible.

Green Is The New Black

Sure, green washing is a popular concept in today’s marketplace, where you are bombarded with eco this, earthy that and environmentally sound goodness around every corner. Though when you consider how quickly computer technology changes and updates, a brand new Dell or Apple computer you buy today has a shelf life of what, five minutes?

That is why we are proud to share with you our awesome refurbished computers we picked up for very sweet deals on Geeks.com, though Dell’s Financial Services website had some computers we thought might work as well. I guess when a server goes down, you are justified in replacing said server, and in the process, adding more machines to the network.

Have A Vision

The key to buying refurbished machines is simple, look beyond the fancy and get to the heart of what you need. Sure, purchasing a brand new Dell computer is awesome (we’ve done that a few times now), as it comes in a shiny new boxy with shiny new plastic and brand new components, and of course a shiny new price tag. Who doesn’t like shiny things?

However, buying a refurbished machine that may have a few nicks and scratches on the casing, and having your awesome computer hardware friends at SandyTech taking a pretty fast machine and making it faster is a godsend.

Not to get too geeky, it’s pretty awesome when you can get a Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo processor with 2GB of RAM and an 80GB hard drive computer for less than $200, and have the hardware pros simply put in a larger hard drive (which are cheap nowadays), and add 4GB of RAM, to create a monster of a computer for about $300.

Then bypassing all the hoopla of Operating Systems like Windows and putting on an open source system like Linux, you end up with a new server that hums and is ready to keep the growing number of computers at our firm moving at the speed of light.

For those kind of results, we’ll take the scratches any day!

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2 Responses to “Go Big Green”

  1. avatarMyMichiganInsurance.Com

    Buying refurbished computers is an excellent way to not only go green, but save some serious money! It’s funny to run across this article, because I was just in my daughters school and overheard the principal discussing purchasing some refurbished Dell’s for only $220 each and that it would allow them to get more computers for the kids. I agree that you sometimes need to get away from the thinking that it has to be brand new and sometimes go with what is better for the environment and the pocketbook at the same time!

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