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Blog ImagesIn case you haven’t heard it before, blog posts are better with images. Finding those images can sometimes be difficult. So, how do you get some great eye candy for your blogs?

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a great place to start looking for images. In case you don’t know what Creative Commons is, it is “licenses that provide simple, standardized alternatives to the ‘all rights reserved’ paradigm of traditional copyright.” So, basically, you get to use images, with proper attribution, that the owners say are available for public use.
If you want the most functional way to find a Creative Commons image, use the Creative Commons Search. It’s a tool that let’s you search Flickr, Google Image, and Wikipedia Commons all at the same time. You can find music and other media here too.


If you’re looking for cool icons for you blog, a great way to find them is through FindIcons. It’s essentially a search engine of icons. You can find some pretty good, high-quality stuff there too.


PicApp is a photo resource for finding images of people you would normally see in images: celebrities, politicians, etc. You can use the images fro free, so if you’re blogging about Lady Gaga, you can find an appropriate image there.

Finding great images for your blog doesn’t have to be crazy hard. With the right images, your blog can go from bland to bang!

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I use the Photo Dropper plugin in WordPress and that makes finding the creative commons licensed photos that much easier. I just use a relevant keyword and typically I can find a photon that relates to my topic.

Thanks for the tip about FindIcons and PicApp,


That find icon search engine is amazing, I have heard of vertical search engines before but this is the first one I have seen that i really like, thanks for the share


I never heard FindIcons and PicApp before. Well, thanks for sharing these two applications for me to find images in easiest ways. :)


An image to support your blog or article is needed to give a clear description of what you are saying in your content. This will give readers a better comprehension.

Leonor Miller

Yeap I do agree with the post, because I feel only when the blog is creative and well updated with new post and always with lot of interaction with amazing blog themes and captions etc will always help the blog in keeping more active as well.

Stephan Hilson

It is true that the posts looked a lot of better if there are images to complement it. I didn’t know that there are sites, which offered free images, aside from Flickr. Thanks for sharing the sites, which makes finding images so much easier. Maybe I should try a wordpress plug-in too.

Lola T

I like this post it makes so much of sense that we can keep the blog more interactive, make it more colourful and pleasant by followings these tips as to how to make the blog and post also interactive. I really loved the post.


You’re welcome!


That’s a great tip, ychange!

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