Bring on the Rewards


Twitter RewardsHave you been building a loyal Twitter following? Give your faithful followers a reward. There are many ways to reward the people who follow you on Twitter. These are a few of our favorites.

1. Keep Them Entertained

For those of us, ahem, who follow a goodly number of people on Twitter, it’s easy to let less entertaining tweets get lost on the page. If you’re funny or witty, people will want to read your tweets. Thank the people who follow you by making them laugh or sharing an interesting tidbit. Entertaining content will go far in making your followers feel appreciate. I’m so glad you follow me, that I’m going to make you happy.

2. Give Them the Good Stuff

If all of your tweets are selling a product or boring snippets about your breakfast cereal, your followers aren’t going to feel very loyal. Share valuable information with them and they will follow to edge of the earth (assuming they missed the bit about the earth being round and all). Thanks for being loyal; here’s valuable information you wouldn’t get if you weren’t.

3. Give Them Stuff

People like free things. Reward your followers by giving them things like discount codes, special offers, promotions, or exclusive content. People like being in the know and made to feel important. It’s like Skull and Bones for the everyday man.

4. Give Them Power

Who doesn’t like to feel powerful? I know I do. And, if you can give your followers some sort of power, they’ll be happy. If you run a food truck, (yes, Portlanders, I’m talking to you), let them decide where you’ll park it. If you donate proceeds to a charity, let them pick. Ah, power. It feels so good.

5. Talk to Them

Mention your followers by name and thank them for following and interacting with you. Share things with individuals that you think they’d appreciate. Everyone likes to feel special. It’s like getting a piece of mail that isn’t junk or a bill.

You wouldn’t be who you are on Twitter without your followers. Show them the love and give them something to make them feel special.

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