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If you want to drive traffic to your website, one of the most important things you can do is write good web content. Good website content is interesting, relevant, and utilizes smart internal linking with keywords.

Interesting content is related to the audience you are trying to reach.  While you know you are brilliant and fascinating, not everyone will think everything you write is interesting. Knowing who you want to visit your site is important for figuring out how to interest them in what you are writing.  For example, if you own a yacht comp, who do you want looking at your website? You probably want people who buy and use yachts.  While it is important to show that you know how to build yachts, saying you use high-quality fiberglass is probably more interesting to your potential customers than telling them the specifics of the 42-step process you use to build the hull.  Also, consider featuring content on your site about great fishing spots. Ultimately, you are selling them a lifestyle more than just a boat, so give them interesting  content.

Relevant content may mean different things, depending on where the content will appear.  If the content is appearing in a blog post, it is perfectly acceptable for the content to have time-limited relevancy, such as a special promotion or event.  Fresh content is important for search engine optimization. If you don’t have a blog, then you should be incorporating fresh content into your website pages.  Typically, page content should often have much more long term relevancy.  These are pages that you can update infrequently, but still provide good information to your clients.

Internal linking is an essential element to any really well-written website content.  Links are good. Internal links are very good. And links with smart anchor text are the best. Anchor text is the words that are used to link.  In the first sentence of this paragraph, “well-written website content” is the anchor text.  The link then takes you to our Business Writing Services page.  This is how you want to link in your content.

A word to the wise, while keywords are important, stuffing your text with keywords is a bad idea.  You don’t want text that looks spammy and having the same keywords repeated over and over in your text looks like spam to search engines.

If you’re not a writer and this sort of thing does not come easily to you, or if you’re too busy doing your business, then let Alphabetix help you write good website content.  This is our business, so let us help you.

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I’ve found that the best way to write content, at least content that is noticed by search engines, is to incorporate related keywords. Instead of fretting over keyword density, try focusing more on keywords with a high-level of relevancy.

For instance, this page is about ‘website content writing’. Words / phrases that you might want to incorporate here can include:

SEO / Search engine optimization
Copywriting / copy writing / copywriter / copy
Expert / professional

This style of writing has worked exceptionally well for me over the last couple of years.

A free tool that’ll help you to identify related keywords / phrases is over at Quintura.com. They have a desktop software tool (available through download.com) that I use on subjects that I’m not personally familiar with, and I think that it provides better results than their web-based tool.
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Keyword-rich content is indeed a good idea, but it is not the only thing you should do. It will look spammy.

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