Why Uniqueness Counts


unique houseWhen we’re talking about websites, uniqueness counts. Whether its the content or the design, making sure your website is original is essential for great SEO and user-friendliness.

Creative Content
Having great, unique content is one of the best things you can do to get people to your website. Good content is written in a way that is readable, is interesting to the reader, and has the right keywords to get you found in the search engines.

Well-written content will get readers to your website and get them to come back. Give them something they can’t find somewhere else. While the topic you are writing about may not be original, the way you approach it can be. And, the style you use to write can be more appealing.

Whatever you do, do not steal content from another site. Not only is it ethically questionable, it violates copyright, and search engines hate it. Search engines see sites with the same content as spam. If you want the search engines to like your content, then make sure it is YOUR content.

Original Design

While having a unique design doesn’t directly buy you good vibes from search engines, it does so indirectly. Clean, creative design gets people to hang out on your site. That’s good for you and your search engine rankings. Having a site that is user-friendly does the same thing. So, why not buy a template? Templates have their place, but do you want your site to look like a lot of other people’s?

Think about how you feel when you walk into a coffee shop that is decorated just like a Starbucks. Do you want to stay there? Or do you want to leave and got to the real Starbucks or a unique, independent coffee shop? Knockoffs are no fun. And again, they are questionably ethical.

Need a unique, user-friendly website with excellent web content? Let Alphabetix help.

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During my usual morning procrastination, I was reading through some articles and happened this entry Very good piece of information you’ve made available here, and I’ll be sure share it with some friends who might find it useful to check out later. Will definiteely return your site more frequently now.


I definitely agree with the last paragraph about why not using templates.

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