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Alphabetix is proud to announce the launch of the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce website!

About The SACC

The Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce has been serving the business community and citizens of Sandy, Oregon for more than five decades.

The Mission of the Sandy Chamber of Commerce is to provide effective leadership for the advancement of the Sandy area business community. The Chamber promotes economic development, civic involvement, and community participation to ensure the economic vitality of the Sandy area. Chamber members are from all over the area between Portland to Mt Hood, including Clackamas, Damascus, Fairview, Gresham, and Troutdale.

SACC Website Features

The website was built using a highly customized version of WordPress that allows the Chamber to make updates to the content on the site without having to worry about messing up the way the site looks.

The website features an event calendar that also posts current events to the home page, a blog to keep the Sandy community informed, and a robust member directory that includes multiple category listings and highlights social networking like Facebook and Twitter.

The website also features a custom Javascript function for rotating images like you would see in Flash. Using a Javascript saves a ton of bandwidth and helps the page to load quickly.

The Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce Site also got a serious search engine optimization make-over.  Since the launch of the newly designed site, the Chamber has gone up in search engine rankings. The site is user friendly and has a ton of good content that helps drive traffic to the site.

Alphabetix is proud to be a member of the Sandy Chamber of Commerce and welcomes the chamber as a client. Take some time to hop over the SACC website and find out more about our happy little mountain town.

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