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Do you sell your products on Etsy, but aren’t sure how to build up enough presence to really be successful? Here are some tips for really developing a presence and brand recognition to help make your Etsy shop successful.

The best thing you can do to drive traffic to your Etsy site is to develop a web presence.  The best way to do that is to get your social media on. Having a blog, a Facebook Fan Page, and a Twitter account are some of the best ways to build buzz about your business.

A customized blog is a great way to drive business to your site.  Find other crafters and follow their blogs.  Leave comments on their posts and talk about your shop.  Use your blog as an opportunity to describe your crafty talent or post information about new products.  This is a really important part of building up your brand. There are a lot of crafty people out there that do this really well.  For example, Candace at Sparkle Power infuses her blog with links to her shop and descriptions of new products. You’ll notice she also has a “mini shop” in her side bar to direct you to her Etsy shop.  Lex from My Mama Made It uses her blog as a place to show tutorials, get feedback on what she makes, and share new products.  Again, she has a link to Etsy front and center on her blog.  A blog gives you the space to really connect with potential buyers that you can’t really find elsewhere.

Advertise on other blogs. Lots of crafters offer advertising space on their blogs. They will also do featured sponsor spots on their blogs.  Or, like many crafty bloggers out there, you can do blog exchanges, where you switch and post on each others blogs to reach a new audience.  There are lots of opportunities out there.  How do you find these crafty blogs? Well, start with some that you see here and see who they follow, and see who they follow, and on and on.  Before you know it, you’ll have a reader full of awesome like-minded people who would love to promote your business in exchange for promoting theirs.

Facebook can also be a great tool for marketing your products and driving traffic to your Etsy site. You can post pictures of your products, announce shop updates, and even offer discounts with a special coupon code.  You can also drive traffic back to your blog.  Use Facebook to build brand recognition. For example, Ceci Punch Designs uses her Facebook Page to post shop updates and get people excited about her product, while linking to her shop.

A nice addition to a blog and a Facebook Fan page, is Twitter. You can use those 140 characters to tell people about shop updates or just build general buzz about all the cool things you do. Talk about your creative process.  Tell people what you’re working on. Hint at a really cool new product. Then, link to your Etsy shop. Want to see someone who does it well? Check out Petals Purses. And here’s a tip: don’t waste your characters on a massive link. Use bit.ly or a similar service to shorten that URL. And remember, if you want to be followed, you must follow too.

Blogs, Facebook, and Etsy are all great tools. But, none of them stand on their own. You have to use each as an ingredient, that once put to work together can create a delicious Etsy selling experience for you. If you are selling on Etsy, you are probably darn creative, so be creative with marketing yourself as well.

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