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SEOYou may have read our Introduction to Search Engine Optimization.  This post is about what steps you can take to even further help your website grow organically in search engine rankings.

After you make sure your website is full of good, keyword-rich content, there are a number of other steps to ensure that your local seo plan helps people find your website through improving your search engine ranking.

One way to help you grow your search engine rankings organically is to get links from websites that are related to the keyword topics you want to be found for.

Be leery of companies that want to sell you links from their pages.  Search engines are smarter than this.  These companies want to sell you links to huge websites with pages upon pages of links. These are not high quality sites and they are not sites that have content that relates specifically to the topics that are important for your business. Search engines often blacklist websites that do this.

So, how do you find high quality sites to link to you? The first thing you can do is do a search for the types of keywords that people might use to find you. Find the sites who are at the top of the search results. These are typically sites who have organically earned high search engine rankings and that the search engines deem worthy of a high rank.  How do you get them to link to you? Well, to start, you can ask them to, particularly if you offer to link back to them as well.  This may not work if the site you found is a competitor for you.  Really, would you send people to your competitor? However, there may be sites that have the right kind of content but aren’t in the same business as you are.  For example, if you’re a hair dresser, a beauty supply store may be willing to link to you if you link to them.

Another way to get people to link to you is to post good content.  This can be accomplished in a number of ways.  One way to get good content out there is to blog.  If you blog about a topic that is attractive to others in the industry, they may link to you from their high quality site.  You could also post tutorials or downloads.  If you’re a seamstress, a tutorial about repairing a seam could draw links from other bloggers, such as students in fashion design school or other tailors who are in different cities or states.  Your major business may not be repairing busted seams, but you can gain a link from other sites full of keywords that relate to your seamstress business, and the search engines like that.

Are you a little confused about how to get the right kinds of websites linking to you? Alphabetix can help you find the right kinds of sites for your business.

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Search Engine Optimization
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