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If you’re a little unfamiliar with email marketing, start with our posts about Email Subscriber Lists and Newsletter Content.

Email marketing can be a great tool for your business, but it is important to make sure you don’t spam your recipients.  Here are a few tips on how to avoid falling into the spam trap.

The first thing to do is make sure that you come by your email subscriber list honestly.  Don’t buy lists.  And, if someone wants to opt out, let them.

Write meaningful subject lines.  Appeal to your readers interests and give them a reason to want to open that email.

Make it easy for people to unsubscribe from your email list or to contact you from the email by including links or offering a simple “reply” option.

Make sure that people know who the email is coming from.  Put your company’s name in the “From” line of all emails.  Also, address your emails to who you are sending it to, not “undisclosed recipient”. Personalization is key.

Make sure the content you put in your emails is short and to the point. Use links to provide more information, but don’t be overly link-heavy.

Reassure your readers of your privacy policy (a simple link to it on your page is sufficient). Make sure they know you’re not farming out their email to other companies. Make them feel comfortable.

Don’t send too many emails.  Listen to feedback for recipients, particularly in regards to frequency.

Not sure where to begin with this whole email marketing thing? Alphabetix can help you write newsletter content and develop beautiful HTML newsletters for your business.

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