Do Your Search Rankings Need a Jolt?


Alphabetix is offering a great SEO promotion for your business.  It’s the $50 cup of coffee.  What’s a $50 cup of coffee?Well, it’s a cup of joe (heck, we’ll even do the fancy macchiato stuff) along with a consultation to discuss how you can grow your business by building web traffic to your site.

What’s included? Well, you get coffee (of course), an SEO Analysis report detailing your website’s opportunities, one hour consultation discussing said report and how to build web traffic, and the opportunity to speak candidly with an honest and ethical SEO professional (that’s us!).

What’s in the report? You get an SEO audit of your website structure, a site analysis of your overall content, and a competitor analysis of how you compare in your specific market.

Does $50 seem like a lot of money? We don’t think so, especially when you can get some serious jolt from the information you’ll get from us.

How can this information help you? You can find out exactly why people can’t find you when they’re looking for your services (could be you need better web content or cleaner code).  And, you can find out how to get your site found.  The new business you could gain is worth 50 bucks 1,000 times over.  Let us help you get where you want to be and get some caffeine while you’re at it.

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