Common SEO Mistakes – Overview


search engine optimizationIn a world where everyone wants to be on top, search engine optimization tips abound online. But, there are ways to do it right and ways that will get you nowhere, or even worse, hurt your rankings.

Bring It In
One huge mistake that businesses make is not including a search engine optimization strategy in their business plan. They also leave SEO outside of their business objectives. If SEO isn’t addressed as a necessary aspect of marketing, it will never be able to be maximized.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat
SEO isn’t a one-time affair. It requires a long-term strategy, addressing marketing trends and product or content updates.

Consistency is Key
Any SEO strategy that doesn’t stay consistent will fail before it leaves the gate. Constantly changing tack prevents you from establishing the stability that search engines value.

Note the Facts
When an SEO strategy is developed that does not address the current analytics of the site, it ignores the basis of the business and the trends that have already been established.

It’s Not All About Words
Images, news, videos, and product feeds can all be valuable for being found online. Not everyone searches the same way. Meet them where they do.

Google Isn’t the Only Search Engine
While it’s true that Google is wildly popular, so are Bing and Yahoo, both of which are somewhat easier to establish higher traffic with. Building your ranks in one will help with the others as well.

Think Local
When developing an SEO strategy, it is important not to cast too wide of a net. Focused, targeted marketing is the best approach.

There are a number of ways to attack SEO; make sure you do it correctly.

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