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linksWant to know more about SEO? Check out our overview of common mistakes, keyword and content mistakes.

It’s easy to make mistakes when developing an SEO strategy, particularly concerning links. Make sure you link the right way.

Variety is Important
If all your links come from the same IP addresses, it will look like you are spamming. This is the strategy used by spammers that sell you links from their sites. The search engines may shut you down. Make sure that links that come in to your site come from a variety of sources. If you have valuable content, people will link to you.

Anchors Away
Anchor text, the text that is highlighted as a link, is an essential element of good linking. If you always link from the same key terms, you will look like you’re spamming to the search engines. If you link from “click here,” you waste the extra weight that is held by anchor text. Choose the words you use to link wisely.

Quality Over Quantity
Having a ton of inbound links to your site is not as important as having high-quality links to your site. Sites with weak content will provide you with weak links. If the content has nothing to do with your content, it might appear like spam as well. Rather than focusing on building links to your site from places that have weak link juice, work on finding sites with the right fit for your business.

Don’t Buy It
Buying links from sites that have blogrolls of tons of unrelated links to companies that have nothing to do with your industry is a bad idea. The search engines shut them down all the time. They are rarely successful at “tricking” the search engines and you will just be throwing your money away. Instead, use that money on targeted adword campaigns or on hiring an SEO expert.

Remember, it is important to think before you link.

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