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web contentWant to know more about SEO? Check out our overview of common mistakes and keyword mistakes.

For SEO, content is king. And, it’s also where people make a ton of mistakes. Here are some common ones to avoid.

Be Original
A ton of sites steal content from other sites, often not even changing the wording. This is a huge trigger for search engines. They see the site as spam and will often penalize it. Create your own content, even if it is informed by others.

Make It Worthwhile
Stuffing a ton of content that has no appeal to readers on a site won’t actually bring traffic to your site and won’t help your search engine rankings. Make sure the content on your site actually supports your message. Empty, off-message content won’t bring you the right kind of traffic anyway.

Don’t Give It Away
If you’re writing great content, and then giving it to other sites, you are shooting yourself in the foot, especially if that site is higher ranked than yours. Now, they get all your content juice, and if you post it on your site as well, you look like you’ve copied it from them.

Watch Your Keyword Density
Keywords are essential, but content that is full of unnatural occurrences of keywords reads like spam to humans and to search engines. Use a real voice and natural language and the topics will appear at a believable rate. If you are taking about what you know, you’ll naturally get the right keywords on the page.

Meta Matters
Just like keyword stuffing is a bad idea in the content that appears on your webpage, so is stuffing them into the meta text. Choose a limited set of targeted keywords.

Getting the right content for your website can be a bit tricky. Let Alphabetix help you develop a marketing strategy that will take you far.

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