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Blog typescriptNew to the world of blogging? Check out our post on the anatomy of a good blog post.

Word Count
A good blog post has between 250-500 words. This gives the search engines enough to look at without wasting too much on any given page. The content should be relevant to the industry that the blog is being written for. Make sure that the blog posts reflect your branding and support your image.

Keep It Fresh
Content should be varied. You do not want to inundate your reader with the same formulaic blog post time after time. Give them contests, product information, featured services, community involvement, and other topics of interest. Knowing what your audience wants is half the battle.

Finding the Balance
Give them plenty of information, without giving away your trade secrets. Keep the language simple, but make sure you show that you are an expert. You don’t want to detail every bit of minutiae for your reader, but you want to give them enough to keep them interested.

The Right Language
It’s essential to present information in layman’s terms so that the everyday reader can follow along. Or, if you use highly technical language, make sure you explain it clearly. If your blog isn’t supposed to appeal to a wide audience, then some technical jargon may be alright. Again, know who you’re talking to.

Have a Voice
Make sure you have a sense of your voice as well. If you have great information, but you present it in a way that may be offensive or off-putting, you’re not going to reach the people that you want.

There’s so much to know about blogging. If you are looking for one-on-one consultation about setting up a blog, post suggestions, or establishing your brand, Alphabetix can help.

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