Blog It Up – Getting Started, Part 2


bloggingJust getting started with Blogging? Check out our introduction to blogging and getting started.

There are a ton of popular blogs on the world wide web and they know the important tips to being successful.

Press Releases Shouldn’t Appear on a Blog
A blog is meant to be read by prospective and existing customers. It should be engaging, informative, and helpful. When writing a blog post, you should always have the end reader in mind. What will they learn? What insight will this give them into who we are? How will it help build our relationship with the reader? You should never simply copy and paste press releases or news stories.

The other problem with press releases is that they are corporate statements. A blog should have a more personal tone.

People Want to Connect with People
People don’t like interacting with organizations, corporations or machines. People like talking to people. One of the things we have learned about selling web design services is that once people have established that you offer a good service at a reasonable price, the next thing they care about is you. Do they like you? Do they trust you? Do they think they can work with you? Give them something personal to interact with.

Your Competitors Will Read Your Blog – Get Over It!
We are amazed at how many organizations will slow down the growth of their corporate blogs because they are worried that their competition will read it and rip off their expertise and ideas. Although it is true that your competition will do exactly this, what is the alternative?

One of the primary opportunities a blog provides is the chance to demonstrate your expertise. People will be motivated to buy from you because they understand that you “know your stuff.” However, if you don’t talk about your expertise, how will they know? You might be the best in your field, but if nobody knows it, then what’s the point?

By establishing a trustworthy blog, that interacts with its readers and shares great content, you are well on your way to getting the traffic you want.

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