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blogA good blog will have topics that reflect the expertise of the writer and the needs of the reader.

Featuring products or services is a great way to get information out about your business and show your expertise. It lets customers know what you have to offer without feeling like a sales pitch, when it’s done well.

Who Rocks It
One company that really rocks the featured products is Apple. Their products sell themselves, so they can have a little fun with it. Recently, they featured the new Mac Mini. They also often feature the core software that comes with any Mac, such as Mail. They have tips on using the product and getting the most out of it. Apple is known for its great aesthetic appeal, but their blog goes beyond the aesthetic and really shows great content.

Make It Work
A great way to feature products or services on your blog is to blog about the little-known services that you provide or your favorite product. This doesn’t even have to be a product you sell, but maybe one you recommend.

For example, if you are a hairdresser, talk about the best straightening iron on the market or your favorite blow dryer. You may not be the vendor of these products, but your clients take your recommendations seriously and will trust that you took the time to share that information with them.

If you are a DJ, you could post about the best songs to play while cutting the cake or for the father-daughter dance.

Remember, you are the expert and your audience will appreciate advice that you share with them.

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