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Offering tips is a great way to establish yourself as an authority. It shows knowledge about your industry and products and makes you accessible to your customers.

Make sure that you present information in an easy to understand manner. Avoid jargon and overly-specific topics.

Who Rocks It
Photographer Scott Kelby ( offers great tips on his site about all things photographic, including subjects like shaping light with an off-camera flash and Photoshop tips. His information is great for professionals and for the everyday photographer. He has established himself as source of information in the photography field, and that drives business.

Make It Work
There are a ton of ways to establish yourself as an expert with tips. Share tips of your trade that are informative for laymen, without giving away trade secrets.

For example, if you are an HVAC specialist, talk about how to replace the filter in your heater, including information about how and why it is important. However, you do not want to post about cleaning out your ducts or installing a ductless system, as these are things you want to be hired for. You can, however, post about why hiring a specialist is a good idea for more complicated procedures.

If you are a veterinarian, offer tips about flying with your pet or picking the right dog for your family’s lifestyle. You do not want to offer medical advice, but you can offer suggestions about when it is necessary to bring a pet in, and what you can monitor at home.

It’s a great idea to establish yourself as knowledgeable about your field and share your expertise with your blog readers. The tips you post can be a great investment to establish your business and bring the right kind of customer to your site.

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