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For many businesses, being involved in their community (or even a larger online community) and participating in events is an essential part of their branding. It shows a personal connection and makes the blogger seem less like a machine, and more like a human. And, since most people would rather interact with a human than a machine, establishing a community-minded identity will attract the trust of your readers.

Who Rocks It
One site that does an excellent job of sharing community information and getting involved is the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce in Sandy, Oregon. The Chamber serves not only the Sandy area, but the surrounding communities, like Gresham, Clackamas, and the very exciting Boring. The Chamber regularly posts about events that affect the business community, such as Brown Bag luncheons and ribbon cuttings. But, even better, they also post about events that involve the community such as the Music, Fair & Feast and Spring Into Town. They have established themselves as an authority on community events, so that when residents and businesses are looking for information in the Sandy area, they look to the Chamber for that information.

Make It Work
You can establish yourself as being connected to your community by blogging about the events you participate in, conferences you attend, or charitable organizations you donate to.

When your business participates in a Chamber event, blog about the event and who else was there.

If you donate proceeds to a charity, blog about the charity you’ve chosen and why. This will show your readers that you have a heart and are connected to others.

Showing your readers that you are involved is a great step to take in order to establish your blog as an authority and your business as trustworthy.

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