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AnatomyJust getting started with Blogging? Check out our introduction to blogging. Need help getting an overview of this whole blogging thing? Check out our posts about getting started.

A good blog post has a number of essential elements.

A good title will indicate what kind of content will be present in the blog post. It can be informative or quirky, depending on what your brand/image is. You don’t want a title that is so quirky that you can’t figure out what the post is about.

A title should not be too long. You don’t want it to wrap to a second line. The title is also often used as the page name, so choose wisely.

Breaking Up Text Blocks for Easy Reading
A blog post is not a novel. People who read online do not want to see giant blocks of text. Create small paragraphs and use headers to make scanning easier. Lists are often better than long paragraphs.

Links to Authority Websites, and to Earlier Posts
Linking is an essential element of blog writing. Choose the external sources that you link to wisely. A link, in some ways, is an endorsement. So, only link to those sites that you would want your readers to look at too.

Internal linking to earlier posts and other pages on your website is a great strategy for search engine optimization and for developing relationships between posts and pages on your site. Don’t waste good link juice on “click here.” Make the anchor text of your links valuable.

Just as online readers don’t want to see large chunks of text, they don’t want to see only text. Images add visual interest to blog posts and break up text. They can also be used to bring humor to a post, or illustrate your message. And, they’re good for SEO.

Getting the right content is essential to a succesful blog.

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