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Try Local First Upgrades

Try Local First continues to be a coalition of local business organizations in East Multnomah County, Oregon, formed to encourage local area residents and businesses to purchase locally whenever possible.

We are pleased to continue our relationship with Try Local First, and are proud to announce the following new features to the Try Local First website.

The most exciting new feature of their website is their forum, where users can register, and discuss everything local and relevant to East Multnomah County and beyond. The forum works seamlessly with their blog under the umbrella of one content management system.

Other changes include upgraded web content for all their important pages, images that are consistent with their brand, and a sitemap that auto generates content based on what pages and blog posts are added by the Try Local First staff.

On their contest page, East County residents will find information about their current and past contests, including the popular Discover East County giveaway, and the contest that got the Try Local First campaign rocking, their $1000 Shopping Spree.

Currently, Try Local First and the Gresham Outlook have teamed up to give two lucky winners a slew of Back to School related prizes for best describing what it means to shop local.

If you are interested to know how you too can help support your local community, check out their website and get involved!

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